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Empower your way to your next sucess



> Short deadlines, clear deliverables in 6 weeks or less. I offer part-time consulting and business advisory in the realm of business transformation & innovation. Some examples of projects I worked on:

  • Transform your organisation to adopt a new way of working (eg. agility)

  • Adapt your process, organisation & marketing tools to innovative projects

  • Structure and transform your marketing & sales to test & scale new markets

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Personal Branding

> I am the co-founder of BrandMeBaby, a lean learning approach to marketing yourself. We help our clients to identify their strengths, work their way up to better visibility, career advancement and self-confidence through:

  • group training (2h to full day trainings)

  • one-to-one sessions: 4 session + custom recommandation for you

  • hybrid program: work your way through our workbook and get expert feedback via videoconference mini sessions

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> I am passionate about personal empowerment and women’s representation. Over the past few years I gave 3 TEDx Talks and multiple public speeches on entrepreneurship, gender, technologies and feminism. You can book me for conferences, keynote speeches and pep talks about empowerment. My conferences :

  • Sucess has no sex* - gender opportunities in the workplace and how to create the change we want to see

  • Don’t get out of your comfort zone. Empowerment comes from knowing who you are, not changing it

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